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Larva - Scars (2x 12" Vinyl)

Larva - Scars (2x 12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 21. April 2017

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ad-124-2lp - Weight: 410g

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black double vinyls in vinyl-sleeve

“Scars, that's what we have after the passage of time.

Also it is the name of the new album of Larva; reflecting the passage of time, and the damage done in our body and soul; during the years.

This work marks a more intimate, more complex and darker point in the group's career. More acid lyrics and agonic sounds come to life on this album; with a totally cared and personal production. Completely outside from fashions and comfortable 'paths to follow'; Larva enjoys to take the listener out of his 'comfort zone'.

14 completely new songs; ‘old school’ flavoured but powered with new sounds and production.”

Tracklisting LP1:

No. Track Time
A1 Castillos De Cristal 01:58
A2 Death Carrousel 05:08
A3 The Peace Of Suicide 04:57
A4 To Breath Is To Bleed 03:34
A5 Y Cuando Todo Caiga 05:20
B1 Olvidaste Lo Que Es Vivir Sin Suf rir 03:54
B2 En La Plenitud De Mi Tristeza (Para Samu) 06:32
B3 El Siguiente (De La Fila) 05:56
B4 Y Cuando Todo Caiga (remix by Ad Vitam) 04:35

Tracklisting LP2:

No. Track Time
C1 Save Me From Myself 06:11
C2 Solo Somos Perdidas 04:12
C3 Sleepless Nights 04:39
C4 Ojos Que Chillan 04:45
D1 Open Scars 04:11
D2 Buried Alive (remix by First Black Pope) 04:01
D3 Y Cuando Todo Caiga (remix by Exemia) 05:16
D4 Save Me From Myself (remix by T-Error Machinez) 03:20
D5 Dead And Buried 01:39

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