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Last Influence of Brain - Insomnicore (CD)

Last Influence of Brain - Insomnicore (CD)


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Released on: 12. February 2021

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Exactly one year after the release of "Insomnicons" a new album by Slovak band called "Insomnicore" arrives. This time under Electrofrequent, which is new Slovak label founded by members of the groups Last Influence of Brain, Terminal State, Samhain, Opposer Divine, Eclipsed, THXM, Static Charge Disease.

Insomnicore is a special mix of two singles, five new songs and six remixes. The sound of the album is the classic old school electro-industrial style of Last Influence of Brain as we know it, but in a new and different form. Remixes were done by Don Gordon of Numb, Fullcontact 69, Keyhead of Kifoth, Mulphia, Object and Terminal State. Songs of this material indicate the new direction of the band.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Reverse Osmosis --
2 Idolatry SVK Version --
3 Orthotoxic --
4 Sheet of Artificial Skin --
5 Masturbeating --
6 Strangel --
7 Duality (Anaclistic Remix by NUMB) --
8 Khonsu - Again on His Eternal Path (Captive of Society Remix by Fullcontact 69) --
9 Binarea Subtitles (Remix by Keyhead) --
10 Idolatry (Crash remix by Mulphia) --
11 Khonsu - Again on His Eternal Path (Remix by Object) --
12 Broken Moonster (Remix by Terminal State) --

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