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KID LOCO meets SOUL SUGAR - Kraft"Dub"Werk (CD)

KID LOCO meets SOUL SUGAR - Kraft\"Dub\"Werk (CD)


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4015698247503 - Gewicht: 100g

Verkaufsrang: 78 [ Höchste Platzierung: 71 ]

CD mit 4 Bonustracks und alternative Versionen einiger Tracks gegenüber der Vinyl.

When dub and dope beats entered into an open relationship in the mid-nineties and created a casual hybrid with trip hop, Jean-Yves Prieur aka Kid Loco was one of the first French people to be there. With singles like "She"s My Lover" and "Love Me Sweet" and the album A Grand Love Story, the producer proved himself to be a loverman indeed, with a knack for bedroom moods, charming little melodies and a comforting balance between minimalism and lush arrangements.

As a keyboard all-rounder, Guillaume Méténier aka Soul Sugar has been featured on numerous Kid Loco productions for more than twenty years. From the synthesizer to the clavinet, from the Fender Rhodes to the Leslie organ, the "Funky Frenchman" is no stranger to any keyboard instrument.

The Hamburg label Echo Beach, which has already issued dub commissions for a number of pop and new wave classics, thought it was time to change that. In order to honor the music of Florian Schneider, Ralf Hütter and their respective fellow Kraftwerkers with a dub set, they turned to Kid Loco, who has now established himself as a musical all-rounder, and who immediately invited his long-time accomplice Soul Sugar brought on board.

The calculation really worked out! Expect nothing less than AMAZING dub-version of some of the greatest classics by THE No.1 German cult-act: KRAFTWERK!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Ruckzuck --
2 Autobahn (Bass Version) --
3 Radioactivity --
4 Antenna (Vox Edit) --
5 Trans Europa Express --
6 The Robots --
7 Neon Lights --
8 Computer Love --
9 Bonus: The Robots (Dub) --
10 Bonus: Trans Europ Express (Dub) --
11 Bonus: Antenna (Bonus Beat) --
12 Bonus: Autobahn (Nb Edit) --

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