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Long Night - Barren Land [+ Bonus] / 2nd Yellow Edition (CD)

Long Night - Barren Land [+ Bonus] / 2nd Yellow Edition (CD)


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Released on: 05. June 2020

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Re-release of one of Swissdarknights BESTSELLING albums, by Norwegian Gothic Rock act LONG NIGHT – in TWO different Cover-editions (PURPLE & YELLOW), limited to 250 copies each, and including an exclusive Bonus-track!

Following up on their debut release in 2016 [Gothic Music Records], Norwegian Gothic Rock act Long Night proudly presents it’s first full length album ‘Barren Land’. The album is a nine track collection of dark driven rock, presented in a cinematic soundscape that ranges from melancholy to full on thunder. Drawing on a wealth of musical experience, spanning three decades and a broad palette of infuences, Long Night have carved out a space of their own, lurking at the darkside of Rock'n'Roll. Droning Guitars, haunting Melodies and deep thrilling vocals which soar into the ether have all become synonymous with the band from the Northern outpost.

Barren Land was recorded at the band's very own Black Rider Recording Studios and has been mixed and mastered by German SoundWizard Eroc at Eroc's MasteringRanch. It's time to get on the train, the Long Night is coming. Long Night: Østen, Arni Sørlie, Tommy Olsson


No. Track Time
1 East of the Sun West of the Moon 05:24
2 The Night's Ablaze 04:53
3 Barren Land 04:50
4 On a little Snowy Field 05:56
5 It's all gone 05:23
6 Black River 07:20
7 Cold Light 03:39
8 The Rain still falls 05:38
9 Flickering Lights 04:31
10 Bonus: The End is waiting --

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