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Lovataraxx - Sophomore (CD)

Lovataraxx - Sophomore (CD)


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Released on: 05. April 2024

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8016670162209 - Weight: 80g

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6-panel Digisleeve and including a 8pages booklet. The CD features 2 CD-ONLY Bonus-Tracks!

The bones of this album have been mostly molded in the attic of the band, and then recorded, scored and produced in another attic: the Tropicalax Studio in Saint- Étienne. This album raises some burning questions: What sort of future do we want for the new generations? Prophetic words sound more and more dull and mashed in a technocratic environnement. This is probably why Lovataraxx’ new album is opening on the tense aria of «Heidi Montauk»: a post-punk track surrounded and corseted by siren’s yells.

Which character can we trust between the ‘Wise’ and the ‘Fool’ speaking inside of us? “Träumen” could be the answer of those angry Young people, that don’t wanna accept emergencies anymore, or vain actions, but need a reasonable time frame to withdraw from the market and think about tomorrow. The track «Tilda Vaast», of more electronic obedience, urges the disillusioned souls to get out of their bitter thougths and express themselves. The generation’s torch will be finally passed on “Bruxism (Fire)”, regularly performed by Lovataraxx on stage – and included as one of 2 bonus-tracks no the CD.

On this resolutely fairy, modern and personal record, Lovataraxx explores the depths of minimal wave, dark electronics and post-punk. On stage, the two musicians are surrounded by corrosive synthesizers, sharp drum machines and a bass drowned in chorus effects.

Straddling both eighties and nineties influences, Lovataraxx's esthetic is nurtured by Greek mythology, sci-fi-novels and romantic poetry. Enchanting voices, Carpenter-like synth melodies: it all sounds simulaneously strange and familiar, it all fluctuates between the delusive feelings of the blind hunky-dory days and the long despairs of a lost generation.


No. Track Time
1 Heidi Montauk --
2 Träumen --
3 Harmony Boast --
4 Earl Condition --
5 Tilda Vaast --
6 Millepertuis --
7 Zerrissen --
8 Marybone --
9 Bonus: Bruxism (Fire) --
10 Bonus: Mare --

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