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ESR - Machines Of Destruction (CD)

ESR - Machines Of Destruction (CD)


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Released on: 09. June 2017

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ad-128-cd - Weight: 95g

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E.S.R. = Electro Synthetic Rebellion

With "Machines Of Destruction", ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION comes back with stunning album! "Machines Of Destruction" is a perfect mix of hard beats, synthetic bass lines, catchy and beautiful melodies and great vocal treatments which will instantly retain your attention. Song after song, this album will take you on a journey to the darkest side of the human race.

ESR brings us a critical and/or cynical vision of mankind and the world we're living in ("Machines Of Destruction", "New Poison", "I See", "Burnt Out" or "Signs Of Extinction"), but also a feeling of rebellion ("Freedom" and "Dreams Aways") and a touch of insanity ("Possession"). As a bonus, you'll also get a cover of the song "Adrenaline Rush" recorded by ESR (original song by LEAETHER STRIP).

The album comes in two versions, a regular 1 CD album with a beautiful 8 pages booklet illustrating the songs and including the lyrics, and double CD version coming in an amazing cardboard sleeve. The limited double CD edition entitled "the cinematic tracks" shows another facet of "Machines Of Destruction" and will take you to on a trip to sci-fi themes. The cinematic tracks presented here are beautifully composed and will take you throught different atmospheres: Darkness, anguish, deep emotions or final victory, it's up to you to imagine the sci-fi pictures evoked by the sounds! "Machines Of Destruction" is with no doubt the most accomplished album by ESR and will ravish the fans of the dark electro/industrial genre! So go and get yours!


No. Track Time
1 Machines Of Destruction 05:25
2 New Poison 04:51
3 Possession 05:48
4 Dreams Away 05:54
5 I See 05:29
6 Toxic Vapor 06:01
7 Burnt Out 06:33
8 In Your Eyes 05:37
9 Freedom Above All 05:06
10 Signs Of Extinction 06:33
11 Adrenaline Rush (Leather Strip cover) 05:46

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