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Marsheaux - A Broken Frame / 2nd Edition (2CD)

Marsheaux - A Broken Frame / 2nd Edition (2CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 01. April 2016

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Second edition.

Here now the DOUBLE CD version, featuring on CD1 all tracks from the Vinyl PLUS two exclusive covers of the B-Sides from Depeche Mode’s pre-‘A Broken Frame’ Singles ‘See you’ and ‘The Meaning of Love’.

Marsheaux’s version of ‘Now this is Fun’ (B-side of ‘See you’) offers a really special treatment for all Electro-fans, as the two Greeks succeeded to obtain an extraordinary guest for the lead-vocals on the track: British James New, leadsinger of THE MIRRORS, who had a major hit album in 2010 with ‘Lights & Offerings’. The second track ‘Oberkorn’ is an instrumental and Marsheaux added quite some twist to it! The instrumental is dedicated to a tiny village in Luxembourg, where Depeche Mode slept in a Hotel after a show and that remained in their memory forever, due to a quite hilarious experience...

CD2 finally will feature ALL tracks from the regular Vinyl-Album in quite different, extended versions – buying the 2CD, you thus get not less than 12 ‘bonus’-tracks in total…

Tracklisting CD1:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Leave in Silence --
2 My Secret Garden --
3 Monument --
4 Nothing to fear --
5 See You --
6 Satellite --
7 The Meaning of Love --
8 A Photograph of You --
9 Shouldn’t have done that --
10 The Sun and the Rainfall --
11 Bonus: Now this is Fun (feat. James New) --
12 Bonus: Oberkorn (It’s a small Town) --

Tracklisting CD2: Extended Versions

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Leave in Silence (Extended Version) --
2 My Secret Garden (Extended Version) --
3 Monument (Extended Version) --
4 Nothing to Fear (Extended Version) --
5 See You (Extended Version) --
6 Satellite (Extended Version) --
7 The Meaning of Love (Extended Version) --
8 A Photograph of You (Extended Version) --
9 Shouldn’t have done that (Extended Version) --
10 The Sun and the Rainfall (Extended Version) --

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