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Mekong - Danse Danse (CD)

Mekong - Danse Danse (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 07. Juni 2024

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3 panel digipak

Mekong is the brainchild of a mysterious Portuguese expat in Krakow, serving up a concoction of dark post-punk and a sprinkle of goth. This one-man show manages to deliver haunting tunes powered by beefy bass lines, dreamy guitar riffs, and the kind of synths that could make a grown man sigh.

This blend is a call from the heart of one particularly contemplative fellow holed up in Poland, tying together minimalism with a punch; imagine bass that walks through walls, and guitars that linger like the last guest at a party. Since dropping their first album End of the World back in 2021, Mekong has nudged its way into the dark corners of the postpunk scene, picking up nods of approval for its brooding yet unexpectedly introspective vibe.

The latest from Mekong, the concept album “Danse Danse”, whisks listeners away to the darker side of the dance floor. Known for stirring up the kind of tunes that stick with you like a foggy night, Mekong’s new project doubles down on the brooding vibes. This album serves as a veritable confessional booth, as Mekong continues to explore the theme of alienation, wrapping up all those chilly feelings and thoughts of disconnect in a package that’s both haunting and oddly reassuring - if your idea of reassurance comes with a side of existential angst.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Hunger Strike --
2 Going Numb --
3 Rebelion --
4 Hopeless --
5 Ice Cold --
6 Suicide Queen --
7 Picture of Wrong --
8 Danse Danse --
9 Two Thumbs down --
10 I reached the End --

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