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Metroland - X / Limited Edition (CD)

Metroland - X / Limited Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 26. Mai 2023

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882951645925 - Gewicht: 65g

Verkaufsrang: 430 [ Höchste Platzierung: 11 ]

Initially made available ONLY via the band’s own fanbase mailorder and at concerts to celebrate their 10th anniversary. A limited and rare collector’s item!

75 min. exclusive anniversary release gathering 5 specially recorded mega mixes, each presenting one of their 5 studio albums. Vintage synth music from Belgium!

Ever since 2012, when METROLAND was conceived and aimed to work as a concept targeting band, Passenger A and Passenger S paid tribute to the London Underground, the Bauhaus movement, the Thalys train, Klaus Schwab and the fourth industrial revolution.

They created remixes for inspirational artists like OMD, ERASURE, MARSHEAUX, shared stages with OMD, FRONT 242, ANNE CLARK (to name just a few) and organised a unique never-seen-before exposition, which was picked up by local newspapers, where they blended audio and visual stills...

A decade later METROLAND wanted to highlight their joyous underground journey. Unwilling to take the easy way by simply compiling a ‘best of’ or re-releasing older albums, METROLAND wanted to emphasize this occasion with something original, unique and uncommon, by releasing a conceptual retrospective memorabilia entitled 'X', the Roman numeral representing 10.

METROLAND opted to span their oeuvre into a 75 minutes one-off, neatly consolidated into 5 mega mixes, each presenting one of their 5 studio albums. X marks the milestone!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Mind the gap - 2012 15:08
2 Triadic ballet - 2015 15:03
3 Things will never sound the same again - 2016 15:00
4 Men in a frame - 2018 15:07
5 0 - 2022 15:05

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