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Metronom - Attention - Reboot! / Limited Edition (CD)

Metronom - Attention - Reboot! / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 12. July 2024

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Limited Edition 100 cd'sin jewel case

Moscow region one-man project of Kunaev Alexander (member of Russian electronic label ScentAir Records), from the very beginning only as electro/synthpop stylistics under the name METRONOME, was conceived in the early 90's, most of the time was on "pause", periodically resuming his home work in different periods of time (1992-1993, 1996-1998, 2004-2007, 2014-2016). The revitalization of the project (already under the name METRONOM) came at the beginning of 2019, which is associated with the active use of DAW. In 2023, while working on a guest release, the project was labeled METRONOM!

Scheduled for release on ScentAir Records in the spring of 2024, the second full-length album "Attention-Reboot!" features 15 tracks, including guest appearances by George Pappas (ALIEN SKIN) and Vitaly Mikheev (INNER CONFLICT Rus) as verse writers and vocalists, the project's own instrumental compositions METRONOM! as well as cover/remix versions from colleagues and friends in synthpop scene Alex Nord (NORDIKA), Maxim Sosnin (SECTOR 516), Alexander Makarov (IRRADIATED WITH SOUND), Oleg “Elektricon” Sergeev (HOLOCODER, GEKATA) and Sergey Vakulov (GEO PROJECT, skyQode label). The compositions presented for this album, as a sound concept, have been reworked and arranged in 2020-2024.


No. Track Time
1 Singing Rains (She Wears Black feat.Alien Skin) 04:22
2 97 Union (Versus 19) 07:37
3 Second View 05:33
4 04 Pursuit (Original) 4:22 --
5 Used Thoughts (Badale TP) 05:48
6 Silver Queen (Emptiness by Inner Conflict) 05:11
7 Route Plan 05:03
8 Forms 05:37
9 Target 04:55
10 Pursuit (Nordika Snake Remix) 04:10
11 Silver Queen (Sector516 Cover) 04:12
12 Forms (Electricon Electro Ikon RMX) 04:31
13 Second View (Electro Landscape by GEO PROJECT) 03:12
14 Route Plan (Electricon Disco Dance RMX) 03:43
15 Pursuit (Irradiated Techno Mix by I.W.S.) 07:21

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