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mind.area - No Enemy Of Progress (CD)

mind.area - No Enemy Of Progress (CD)


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Released on: 11. December 2020

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Good news for smart dark electronic music lovers:

mind.area brings again a new album of intelligent dark electro music. With a body of work of 3 full length albums and 6 EPs to date, mind.area has shown, a very good sense for emotional deep, dark twisted electro sounds. Never simple, often seemingly complicated in the first listen, you have to explore all the variations in the sounds and the big productions skills over the time and time. If you get through you will get the big reward of hidden hits and places you can`t normally explore in music. You can now dive deeper into the fascinating world of mind.area with the new album.

Complete new innovative fresh sounding music, for dark electro fans loving the correct sounds.


No. Track Time
1 Enemy Of Progress --
2 Gone Life --
3 Failure --
4 Parasite --
5 Muggler Heart --
6 World Without --
7 Rethoric --
8 Mention --
9 Bio Machines --
10 Water --

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