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The Modern Violet - Without Ghosts (CD)

The Modern Violet - Without Ghosts (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 07. Juni 2024

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Genre: UK Gothic Rock. In digipak with lyrics booklet

The Modern Violet is the post punk / gothic rock solo project from multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer Tim Nyss. Originally from England he now lives in the hills of Bern, Switzerland.

Tim has created music with numerous projects, his main other band being the critically acclaimed experimental metal project Nyss whose 'Dépayser' album made it to many “album of the year” lists.

Originality is always at the forefront of Tim's artistic approach, albeit heavily inspired by the works of William Burroughs, Francis Bacon & Bela Tarr as well as the music of Magma, Swans, Throbbing Gristle, Cardiacs and Killing Joke. These influences serve more of a deep learning of musicianship and experimentation that pushes boundaries to create something outside of the norm whilst retaining a familiarity and enjoyment.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Blood Stars 05:17
2 No Town 05:22
3 Hourglass 05:42
4 The wrong Side 06:44
5 A low Supreme 04:25
6 Narcotic Light 05:05
7 Without Ghosts 07:46

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