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Nahtaivel - Pon Farr (CD)

Nahtaivel - Pon Farr (CD)


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Released on: 06. December 2013

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NAHTAIVEL are quite an unusual act for the ‘Wave’ label. In fact they are no new wave or old Wave but Brazil’s leading Electro-Horror-Industrial artist, mixing Dark-Electro, EBM and Industrial with a touch of trance and electro elements, resulting in a very brutal peculiar sound.

Pon Farr is the epitome of Nahtaivel's industrial music work. All the aggressive synth riffs, harsh and processed vocals and the profane mood have been further developped to perfection!

From the violent opening of ‘Hate’ to the final track, the atmospheric song ‘Christie's Dream’, the listener is taken to a trip through many different forms of underground electronic music: From the ‘electro’ track ‘Amok Time’, over the joyful and funny ‘Pleasures of Life’ and the ‘old school’ and epic industrial ‘The Short Story of Asami’ to the ‘four on the floor’-track ‘Ex Nihilo’, this album has something to offer to all fans of Dark Electro.

The physical edition of this album comes with 3 bonus-tracks, incl. 2 remixes of ‘The Invention of Lying’ (both featuring voclas by PECADORES’ singer!) plus a different version of ‘Hate’, featuring DIVERJE’s vocalist Tommy T Rapisardi. If you are sick of most of today’s dark-electro & industrial bands [sounding too often all the same…], then NAHTAIVEL’s new album is definitely a MUST BUY!


No. Track Time
1 Hate --
2 Amok Time --
3 Little Pleasures of Night --
4 The Invention of Lying --
5 Be productive --
6 The Wild Flower / The Fly --
7 Ex Nihilo [feat. Euphorbia] --
8 The short Story of Asami, The Gravure Idol --
9 Christie´s Dream --
10 Bonus: The Invention of Lying (Old School Mix feat. Apostle Niwt - Pecadores) --
11 Bonus: The Invention of Lying (Club Mix feat. Apostle Niwt - Pecadores) --
12 Bonus: Murder in My Eyes (Collaboration with Diverje for the song Hate) --

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