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Neon Space Men - Neon On My Naked Skin / Limited Edition (CD)

Neon Space Men - Neon On My Naked Skin / Limited Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 16. Februar 2024

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NEON SPACE MEN beam their listeners "back to the 80s and back to the future again". Their debut album NEON ON MY NAKED SKIN is a tribute to the electronic pop music of the first generation.

The German trio, consisting of Jochen, Uwe and Oliver, had a vision: "We're creating an album that will join the ranks of the great pop albums of the 80s".

The result is a long player that has everything to do justice to this vision: great melodies sung by a gifted voice, joie de vivre and melancholy, sugar-sweet pop and quantised hardness in the right proportions and an 80s sound that has not been heard for a long time, namely authentic, electronic and old school.

The album title NEON ON MY NAKED SKIN and the cover are a tribute to the 1984 album "Forever Young" and the song "Big in Japan" by ALPHAVILLE. The band made a 3D scan of the Hamburg bronze statue “Barmbeker Jüngling” to show the same face on the cover as ALPHAVILLE once did.

The album contains 10 songs about love, pleasure, loss, passion, death and life. The CD version also contains 8 bonus tracks. 18-track CD in digisleeve-pack with 20-page booklet and 8 bonus tracks, including 5*previously unreleased songs. Strictly limited to 300 copies.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Ordinary Day --
2 Follow Me --
3 Seeds Of Love --
4 Things (The Ballad Of Adam And Steve) --
5 Moving Slowly Moving Faster --
6 Centripetal --
7 Twisted Mind --
8 Sailing 7 Seas --
9 Elita --
10 Frozen To The Core (Travelling) --
11 Sailing 7 Seas feat. ALEX BRAUN --
12 Elita (Pianoforte) --
13 Twisted Mind (Pianoforte) --
14 Captain Future Theme --
15 Twisted Mind (Demo) --
16 Sailing 7 Seas (Demo) --
17 Follow me (Demo) --
18 Seeds of love (Pump Mix / very early Demo) --

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