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Neuf - Electroacoustical Murder (CD)

Neuf - Electroacoustical Murder (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 11. Februar 2022

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Cardboard sleeve

”Electroacoustical Murder” Is the long awaited debut album from Gothenburg based electronic trio - Neuf. The music of NEUF evokes the memory of timeless, classic EBM, cyberpunk, industrial, and goth bands like Front 242, DAF, The Young Gods, Twice a Man, and Gary Numan, yet with a current spin and production that will punch you in the gut with its pure force and uncompromising authenticity.

NEUF is the coming together of three different artists, each of them successful musicians, songwriters, and producers in their own right, reaching into their respective wealth of experience and bringing a distinctive part to the table:

  • The larger-than-life voice of Svante Englund, cutting through the wall of sound with heartache, defiance, and grit.
  • Multi-instrumentalist Max Flövik, with his fine-tuned musicality and background in everything from heavy rock to classical music.
  • Jonas Kröjtz; the archetypal creative, who’s been a staple in the Swedish electronic music scene for the past couple of decades.

”Electroacoustical Murder” is a dark and dysanthropic album, with songs that span from the ultra hard hitting ”I’m Your Cancer”, to the more beautiful but also apocalyptic ”Cathedral Bells” and ”UK 82”, the cover of Scottish punk greats Exploited. ”A Chance to Retire” is a remake of Svante and Jonas’ former band ”Delusive Smiles”.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Welcome 03:20
2 Silicone Suit 03:26
3 UK82 02:34
4 The One 03:45
5 Cathedral Bells 03:45
6 I’m Your Cancer 02:52
7 1-7 02:53
8 Vaporize 04:24
9 A Chance to Retire 03:29

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