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Nohycit - Anomico (CD)

Nohycit - Anomico (CD)


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Released on: 06. April 2018

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ad-136-cd - Weight: 60g

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Nohycit is a one man project (running by Ferry who is half-part of well-know Bolivian dark-electro act ADEONESIS) and now has the band`s newest album ready to spread (last material „Sinister EP” saw the light of day in 2012 on American record label, Engraved Ritual).

What the band plays is a kind of typical SOUTH AMERICAN harsh electro beats with distorted vocals, but even better. The band went through a big development compared with the previous stuff – I think working on both Adeonesis albums (2014 „The Rite Of Our Cross” and 2016 „Post Mors Vitae”), Ferry got a huge amount of experience and found a lot of ideas, which are now represented in Anomico.

Without doubts, Nohycit couldn't have done better stuff than he did. This is an outstanding release for all those fans of south-american dark-electro, which was longingly waited!


No. Track Time
1 Disociativo --
2 Solo y muerto --
3 Postrado en mi dolor --
4 Sumersion en olvido --
5 Coaccion --
6 Anomico --
7 Objecin de consiencia ( Feat Jhailim Mory M.) --
8 Sin miedo a sufrir --
9 Mi sentido y credo --
10 Obsesivo compulsivo --
11 Mi sentido y credo (Adeonesis vs Ferry Nohycit) --
12 Sin miedo a sufrir (Acustic Version) --
13 Colinerjico --
14 Hostil --
15 Colisión --

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