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Nolongerhuman - Marionette (CD)

Nolongerhuman - Marionette (CD)


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Released on: 05. May 2023

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With a decade of experience in creating harsh and dark electro music, nolongerhuman has gained a large and loyal fan base with his uncompromising melodies and deeply personal lyrics.

Mastermind Clint Robertson in his own words on this his 4th album: “Marionette, as an album concept, first came to mind almost a decade ago. I set out to make a collection of songs that try to define the things that quietly control us in the background. Songs about our addictions, our compulsions, and the needs and struggles of the human condition.

All of the factors that pull our strings behind the scenes. Over time as the world changed, the idea became more focused and the message more direct and urgent. We live in an era that too often moves too fast to reflect on our inner feelings, let alone allows us to stop and look in the mirror to see ourselves as we truly are. Not as statistics on some social feed, not as commodities, but as humans.

I’ve done my best to encapsulate those feelings with this album, and for the first time ever, I’ve been extremely privileged to work closely with Jan from X-Fusion/Noisuf-X on mixing and mastering. I truly feel like this is the best nolongerhuman work so far.”


No. Track Time
1 Insects not Gods --
2 Shattered --
3 Pain Tolerance --
4 Dead Inside --
5 Media Generation --
6 Harden your Heart --
7 How this felt --
8 Therapy --
9 Marionette --
10 Let the End come --

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