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Nordika - Morfina (CD)

Nordika - Morfina (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 18. Oktober 2019

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Nordika presents his seventh studio album "Morfina" this time, rescuing part of his classic sound, taking him along new paths not yet explored in previous albums with the inclusion of more analog and rhythmic elements, vintage on tracks such as "Just One More Time" “Sabor a Sal”, with lyrics that present a reflection on virtual relationships “Monitor” and with futuristic nuances in some tracks such as “Free Yourself”.

Passing through ethereal landscapes “Morfina” “L’arpegiateur” Nordika seeks to express its different facets, renewing, mutating, transforming its deep essence and at the same time maintaining its personality and duality between the native language Spanish/English and the elements through which he flows and travels the paths in his conceptions of synthesizer pop, synthwave, electronic body music, electronic pop.

Nordika will make a dual live launch of “Morfina” and “Winterheart’s” on its European tour that will cover the cities of Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen in October 2019.

Mixed and mastered in Aquo Rec Records and distributed by Scent Air Records (Russia). Album written by Hector A. Marin (Alex Nordika).

Lyrics, leads and bass lines that express passion, euphoria, a high dose of Morphine for your ears ...


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Salvate --
2 Solo Una Vez Mas --
3 Free Yourself --
4 Sabor a Sal --
5 Liars --
6 Monitor --
7 Quedate --
8 L’arpegiateur --
9 Morfina --
10 Come With Me --

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