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Nothing Nada - Nicht Nichego (CD)

Nothing Nada - Nicht Nichego (CD)


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Released on: 14. May 2007

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A hardly more than a year has gone since the label let out the first album of the basic electro-EBM project of two talented Hungarian electrovirtuosoes Gunhead and Cipree - Impact Pulse "Pulseing Modules", and practically two years from an output of the first label-compilation "Pre-Alcoholic Body Syndrome " on which the group Nothing Nada has presented its first track - Red Armageddon.

Unlike their main electro project, on this album are presented exclusively easy dancing tracks, creating a spring mood underlined by the deep sensual female vocal of Orsi Beres, who is the vocalist and the constant third participant of the group Nothing Nada. Absolutely all tracks of the album approach both for a club dancing, and for other active pastime. There is no special need to give separate characteristic of every track, all of them without exception are capable to carry away you to the dancing world of the future-pop.

Red Armageddon Video complete for download (16.8 MB)


No. Track Time Sample
1 Red Armageddon -- Hörprobe
2 Irresistible -- Hörprobe
3 Shortcut to Dignity -- Hörprobe
4 I Woke Up -- Hörprobe
5 Silent Heroes -- Hörprobe
6 Joy -- Hörprobe
7 One, Two, Free -- Hörprobe
8 Embrace -- Hörprobe
9 Bring Me -- Hörprobe
10 Suffergotten -- Hörprobe
11 Red Armageddon (Kraak remix) -- Hörprobe
12 Video-Section: Red Armageddon -- --

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