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Nothing Nada - Violence Nada (CD)

Nothing Nada - Violence Nada (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 13. Januar 2012

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ad-61-cd - Gewicht: 80g

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Nothing Nada was originally started back in 2006 as a side-project of the hungarian electro formation Impact Pulse. And of course, this time the band continues to pick up danceable futurepop themes with a massive support of guest female vocals. Basically, band follows the rules and nothing has changed drastically - if you liked their debut "Nicht Nichego" from 2007 - you are already an addict and potential buyer of the band`s second full-length titled VIOLENCE NADA.

For those who`s never liked the changes - here exactly this case, no changes needed. Catchy as hell and that`s all what i wanted to say.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Violence 04:10
2 Shining 03:56
3 Getting Over The Pain 04:46
4 Misery 04:28
5 Carry Me 03:50
6 Kiss The Tears Away 04:54
7 What Can I Say 04:02
8 Key Of Life 04:31
9 Secret 05:17
10 Maze Of Your Love 04:42
11 Deep Inside 05:23

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