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Nova-Spes - Pripyat - Home of Lilith (CD)

Nova-Spes - Pripyat - Home of Lilith (CD)


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Released on: 09. September 2011

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On april the 26th 1986 the biggest nuclear catastrophe so far caused mankind to freeze. An explosion inside the reactor of block 4 of the nuclear power plant Tschernobyl caused the meltdown.

Facing the 25th anniversary of the ultimate MCA the three musicians focused that city. Having in mind that such a nuclear cataclysm could happen again. Shortly after the first recordings took place the world was left breathless again: Fukushima. Caused by a Tsunami the reactors of that power plant couldn’t be cooled sufficient. It caused an MCA in Japan.

Encouraged through the actuality of their topic the foremost album was made. Starting with track “1986”, whose intro is mainly the evacuation call for the inhabitants of pripyat over track “2011” inspired by asian stylistics till the last track “evacuation”, the band managed to build a fascinating but also frightening document of what was then and now.

"pripyat - home of lilith" reminds and arouse without leaving club compatibility behind.


No. Track Time
1 Ein Tag Im April --
2 Welcome to Pripyat --
3 Here We Are --
4 Dissapointed --
5 Wir wollen jetzt! --
6 Sehnsucht --
7 We Cannot... --
8 Die Farbe Der Saison --
9 Todeszeit --
10 Everybody --
11 Unser Werk --
12 Evakuierung --

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