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Nuovo Testamento - New Earth / Limited Curacao Blue Edition (12" Vinyl)

Nuovo Testamento - New Earth / Limited Curacao Blue Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Veröffentlicht: 28. Oktober 2022

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Genre: Electro, Italo Disco, Synthpop

Third Edition, version ‘A’, on CURAÇAO BLUE coloured Vinyl, limited to 500 copies!

Comes in an ultra glossy jacket and printed inner sleeve with lyrics.

With the addition of Chelsey Crowley on vocals, synthesists Andrea Mantione & Giacomo Zatti found that their initial coldwave tracks, originally written for male voice, took on an undeniable synthpop feel. While still recording these songs for the debut Exposure EP in 2019, the band leaned into this evolution and their shared love of Italo disco, beginning to write what would become the New Earth LP.

Recorded in isolation during a global pandemic, New Earth is a dark Italo record dappled with light. For eight new tracks, dancing synths perfectly balance the rich dream of a charmed life with melancholy. Guitars have taken a step back, allowing disco beats to flood the floor and joyful fun to prevail. The record anticipates a return to dance spaces, imagines shared experiences and celebrates personal power. Produced by sound engineer Maurizio Baggio, with vocal recording by Riki and featuring guest vocals from B. Sven Gustavson (Spectres, Nouveaux), New Earth reflects international influences from the goth club scene to Hi-Nrg classics, reminiscent of Italian Baby Records, Mute Records and the spaces in between.


Nr. Track Zeit
A1 Michelle Michelle --
A2 The Searcher --
A3 Electricity --
A4 Golden Boy --
B1 Vanity --
B2 Prayers --
B3 New Earth --
B4 Intuition --

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