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Object - Mechanisms of Faith (2CD)

Object - Mechanisms of Faith (2CD)


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Released on: 02. March 2012

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Nearly four years after the release of the critically acclaimed album "The Ethane Asylum," Object returns with a mind-boggling multi-layered dark electro masterpiece titled "Mechanisms of Faith." The new album takes you on a sonic stroll down memory lane to relive the glorious days of electro-industrial music. Andreas Malik’s complex sound arrangements are skillfully executed and eloquently put together. Expect nothing less than pristine performance from this gifted musician.

“Mechanisms of Faith” is proudly accompanied by a meticulously-assembled remix disc fittingly called "Old School Conspiracy." It features a mouth-watering line up of veteran artists, namely Robotiko Rejekto, amGod, Second Disease, Sleepwalk, Abscess, Controlled Fusion, Brain Leisure, Jihad along with the mega-talented neo-old school acts Red+Test, Pyrroline and One Eye Wanders. Immerse yourself in 155 minutes of VINTAGE dark electro pleasure!

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Tracklisting CD1: "Mechanisms of Faith"

No. Track Time
1 Mescaline Crisis (Feat. Fix 8:Sed8) --
2 Neural Explosions --
3 The Mechanisms of Faith --
4 Dream Collector --
5 State of Reality --
6 Blind Obedience --
7 Under Zero Halo --
8 Distant Memories --
9 Soul Seeking (Feat. LPF12) --
10 Morphine Desire --
11 For Eternity --
12 Density of Fear --
13 Urban Claustrophobia --
14 Empires in Peril (Album version) --
15 Each Slow Turn --

Tracklisting CD2: "Old School Conspiracy"

No. Track Time
1 Blood Patch (Robotiko Rejekto remix) --
2 Blood Patch Part 2 (Controlled Fusion remix) --
3 Density of Fear (Brain Leisure remix) --
4 Mescaline Crisis (Sleepwalk Burnout mix) --
5 Mescaline Crisis (Acoasm by Second Disease) --
6 Blood Patch (Alternative instrumental version 2001) --
7 Morphine Desire (Analgetic tb-mix by amGod) --
8 Mescaline Crisis (Red+Test remix) --
9 Morphine desire (Reform) by One Eye Wanders --
10 Existence on Trial Abscess(ed) by Abscess --
11 Morphine Desire (Jihad remix) --
12 Existence on Trial (Pyrroline remix) --
13 Static Motion (Unreleased demo) --
14 End of Line (Unreleased demo) --

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