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Oliver Decrow - I'm Too Young To Die / Limited Solid Orange Edition (12" Vinyl)

Oliver Decrow - I\'m Too Young To Die / Limited Solid Orange Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Genre: Coldwave, Darkwave, Dark Electronic. Limited Edition of 200 copies only, on SOLID ORANGE Vinyl

Approximately four years ago, Oliver Decrow released the track "Horse Hoof" on Bandcamp to much acclaim, and time has come for his official debut album!

Oliver Decrow's music thrives on bass-driven synths. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Beta Evers, Boy Harsher, Buzz Kull, Joy Division and The Cure, he creates tracks with minimal and carefully selected sounds combined with poetic vocals. Deep basslines, looping synthesizer sounds, and 80s drum machine samples converge to create an immersive sonic experience.

The album offers a cross-section of his songs, previously performed live multiple times, where he provides insights into his life and emotions, attempting to process experiences. Themes such as the suicide of a friend, self-doubt, grief, courage, love, fear, hope, the subconscious, letting go, escaping, and numerous emotional highs and lows are explored in his album. All previous digitally released songs have been remastered for this release.

Oliver Decrow has released music on renowned labels, including “I'm a Cliché” and his own “G50 Records”. In addition to his solo work, he actively participates in band projects such as Klassenfeind and The Node. During his live performances, Oliver Decrow passionately delivers his vocals while playing keys, infusing his shows with energy and authenticity. Currently, Oliver Decrow is focused on his solo project in Dresden, collaborating with Modern Dada on the band project Klassenfeind, and contributing as a producer for the band The Node.

His music has been featured on several compilations, including the notable Zeitgeist+ Vol.2 compilation by Cold Transmission. In 2023, Oliver Decrow unveiled his debut digital EP, "Mother Complex," following a series of digital single releases.


No. Track Time
A1 I'm too young to die --
A2 Birthcage --
A3 Unsatisfied enough --
A4 Horse Hoof --
A5 Falling down from Heaven --
B1 I touch You --
B2 Maybe I won't die tonight --
B3 You Eyes test Me --
B4 My bitter Tears --
B5 Lost Adult --

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