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Page - En ny Våg (12" Vinyl)


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Veröffentlicht: 29. September 2023

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PAGE unite with GARY NUMAN collaborators for new album.

First edition, incl. printed inner sleeve, Black Vinyl, is Limited to strictly 300 copies!

Page has existed for 43 years, keeping alive the feeling of innovation that inspired the first wave of electronic music artists. Page is still Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko, and En ny våg will be released on September 29 on CD and vinyl. It will be available on streaming services from the same date.

Marina Schiptjenko and Eddie Bengtsson are Page. Page started in Malmö in 1980, as one of the first purely electronic groups in the Swedish music scene. Today, they are still active in their original line-up and constantly producing new material. Their new album, En ny våg [EN: A New Wave], further refines the duo’s sound with the lost feeling of early British electronic music.

It was the music of Ultravox! and Gary Numan that originally convinced Eddie Bengtsson to sell his drum kit and buy two synthesisers – one for himself and one for Marina Schiptjenko. Inspired by Daniel Miller’s Silicon Teens project, the duo recruited a friend and started demonstrating their melodic and pop sensibilities with records attuned to Swedish youth. Page quickly became leaders in the country’s growing electronic music scene.

A number of singles and albums were released at a rapid pace from the start until the mid-90s, when the pace slowed down a bit. Both members had other projects – Eddie co-founded the science-fiction themed party band, S.P.O.C.K, and Marina became busy with the ultrapop acts, BWO and Vacuum, which achieved MTV-level success across Europe.

In 2010, Page returned with a bang, releasing the album Nu [EN: Now]. The album climbed the Swedish charts and marked their return to live performance. Page had been away, but their stylish poptronica had been missed. There followed a series of albums that increasingly mined the distinctive sounds of Eddie’s Moogs and the spirit of Synth Britannia. Page played sold-out shows in London and Sweden, cementing their reputation as a dynamic live act.

En ny våg has distilled the vibe of 1978-1980 into each of its tracks. This is helped by the presence of British icons, Chris Payne and Rrussell Bell, known from groups such as Dramatis, Tubeway Army and Gary Numan in the early 80s. Payne is also known as the co-writer of Visage’s hit, “Fade To Grey.”


Nr. Track Zeit
A1 En Ny Väg --
A2 Vi Kommer Tillbaka --
A3 För Du Är Rädd --
A4 Stopp-Vänta-Nu --
A5 Det Här Är Mitt Sätt --
B1 Början På Något --
B2 Frusen --
B3 Förloraren - album version --
B4 Genomskinlig --
B5 Korridoren --

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