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Pitch Yarn of Matter - It’s New, Sounds Old And I Love It (CD)

Pitch Yarn of Matter - It’s New, Sounds Old And I Love It (CD)


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Released on: 02. September 2016

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Style: Electro-pop

With analog sounds and lyrics that deal with obscure desires and personal questions, PITCH YARN OF MATTER release their 3rd album on Wave Records, 20 years after their latest album on German SUBTRONIC label!

With clear references from 80s electronica, the album pays homage to a style, that includes 80s Wave, Electro and minimal Synthpop. All songs were composed and produced by Marcelo Gallo, lead singer and keyboarder with the participation of singer Dani Nathan on one track and collaborations with Mauricio 15 and Darcio Fabri, former members of the band, for some lyrics.

Highlights, the tracks "It's new…", "Lies", "Second Chance" and "Plastic Girl"! The album features 12 tracks plus 2 re-makes of songs from the band’s first tape release (1993, on legendary Cri Du Chat Records!) and first CD (Subtronic Germany, 1995).


No. Track Time
1 It’s new, sounds old and I love it 04:58
2 Lies 04:00
3 Just a Dream 04:40
4 Second Chance (feat. Dani Nathan) 04:40
5 Plastic Girl 05:04
6 Weird 04:26
7 Pleasure 04:45
8 Believe in Everything I believe 05:04
9 Wisdom 04:49
10 Full of Nothing 04:25
11 Dark Disco 05:12
12 Odyssey (or A Soundtrack for Terminators) 04:58
13 Bonus: Shadow of Time (2016 MIX) 04:28
14 Bonus: Alles Schwarz (UGLY MACHINE REMIX) 04:38

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