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Place4Tears - Whales Don't Cry For Suicide (CD)

Place4Tears - Whales Don\'t Cry For Suicide (CD)

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Released on: 12. April 2013

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Heavenly Goth. Somewhat undecided between a completely new album and a special compilation, place4tears mastermind Tyves Oben decided to simply combine the two to put a final word to his 10 years-project. The album consists of new tracks plus cover- and remix versions of songs from the last album ‘The Silent Flame’. The musical spectrum ranges from darkwave/shoegaze and old school gothic rock to aggressive industrial parts that remind you of Nine Inch Nails. “Masterly” sharpened by Bruno Kramm, “Whales don’t cry for suicide u.p.” takes us on a journey coming from the frosty winter and spoils us with the right tunes for the warmer days that lie ahead. In on it: The Spiritual Bat, Sweet Sister Pain, Demoncast, Tragic Black, M. Douglas (Vendemmian), The Mescaline Babies, Shadow Image, Sean Bowley, Reactive Black, Verney 1820, D. Colletti's Electric Bat Cave, Oberer Totpunkt, Manzana Oscura and of course a lot of place4tears. All in all utmost multifaceted Cold-Heavenly-Goth.


No. Track Time
1 My Private Beginning --
2 Keep Me Back - shadow reflections version by Shadow Image --
3 Dream Sequence - "nemesis" by Reactive Black --
4 Field #4 --
5 Tears Of Avalon - rain of tears mix by Sean Bowley --
6 Septembers Breath - coverversion by The Mescaline Babies --
7 The Other Side - featuring The Spiritual Bat --
8 Illusion - german version by Oberer Totpunkt --
9 Little Lovesong - version 2013 --
10 Be Mine - coverversion by Sweet Sister Pain --
11 Illusion - archway towers mix by Mark Douglas (Vendemmian) --
12 Princess Valium - "demoncasted" by Demoncast --
13 Septembers Breath - version by Verney 1826 --
14 Hidden Scream --
15 Illusion - TxB mix by Tragic Black --
16 Be A Queen - mixed by Manzana Oscura --
17 Septembers Breath - german version by Daniel Colletti's Electric Bat Cave --
18 Where The Chosen Get Chosen --

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