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Poison Point - Wandering Echoes / Limited Ivory White Edition (12" Vinyl)

Poison Point - Wandering Echoes / Limited Ivory White Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Veröffentlicht: 28. März 2024

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Genre: dark electro, synthpop, goth, ebm, industrial

Limited First Edition of 300 copies, on IVORY WHITE Vinyl.

Poison Point is the trancey body music solo project operated by Paris-based producer and live artist, Timothée Gainet. Started off in 2016, he shared the stage with bands such as Drab Majesty, Xeno & Oakland, Adult, Rendez-Vous and Silent Servant, shared remixes with Qual, Sydney Valette, Blind Delon, all this while running his other industrial techno outfit IV Horsemen.

You can tell Timothée is a busy guy and yet he managed to grow Poison Point since his debut Album on Third Coming, getting releases out on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and Young & Cold. Over the years, his sound gradually shifted from the motorik post-punk of the early recordings to one much more dancefloor-oriented dark electronics with some sort of nice military pop. If one could see this coming with 2022’s album “Poisoned Gloves” (Young & Cold), his new full-length is a major step-up in Poison Point game.

Skilfully produced by Gainet himself and mastered once again by Mr Baggio for the best groove, “Wandering Echoes” drops nine new floor fillers for the romantic and the nostalgic at heart. Just click Play on the first track “Blue Idol” and you will be hurled into a crystal world of imaginary memories while floating on the scales drawn by the synth arpeggios. Rude awake to the lead single “Mysteries in Fire” and his intoxicating body music and start wandering the room around you. Keep up the pace with further bangers loaded with electricity, romance and angularity like “Flowers & Surrender”, “Echoes of Dreams”, “Slow Kill, fast Love”... Get sweaty as you reach the end of this music journey’s final track “Les Meurtrières de LʼAube”, properly sung in Gainet’s native tongue French, will show you the way to the rest of the just.

If your favourite vibes dwell somewhere between Phase Fatale and Lust For Youth, “Wandering Echoes” is the record for you.


Nr. Track Zeit
A1 Blue Idol --
A2 Mysteries in Fire --
A3 Flowers & Surrender --
A4 Echoes of Dreams --
B1 Slow Kill, Fast Love --
B2 The Naked Sun --
B3 The Wanderer --
B4 A Thousands Birds B5 --
B5 Meurtrières de LʼAube --

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