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Pouppée Fabrikk - The Dirt / Limited Edition (2CD)

Pouppée Fabrikk - The Dirt / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 31. May 2013

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"The Dirt" is definitely all about times past! Many of the songs on this album were in fact initially written between 1988-1990 and then left to slowly wither away on old four track tapes. POUPPEE FABRIKK re-recorded them along with a few other old songs from the early days to create an album that could have been released more than 20 years ago. "It is an honest attempt at recreating the past by working in the same way as we did when we started the band back in 1987 - no midi, no retakes, no polish - just primitive electronic music with a lot of attitude", says frontman Henrik Björkk who has not gone soft with age, quite the contrary… POUPPEE FABRIKK was never about perfection or being nice: "We don´t need to fake the aggression. We don´t need to dress up. We do our thing, and if you like it, join the party. If not, fuck off!", he adds.

With a minimalistic powerful electronic style that was often compared to pioneers like DAF and NITZER EBB, POUPEE FABRIKK are the leaders of the EKM movement (Elektronisk Kroppsmusik) - physical music that makes you want to get up and move. Today with "The Dirt", we witness an onslaught of grand proportions when the old guard comes back to the forefront of the scene! From the ashes of a dead scene rises a new wave of truth and beauty. One that does not look forward, but backwards - to the roots. This is the way back to the source. This is the way to purity. EBM is dead – long live EKM!

Die-hard electro-heads will be stunned by the deluxe double-CD limited box edition holding a 16-track bonus disc with music restored from old tapes from the band's private archives. It goes from the very first song they recorded under the POUPPEE FABRIKK flag to material from their extremely rare "D-D-D" cassette that got released in only 20 copies! Good old stuff that got recorded straight to a cassette-deck in Leif Holms basement from back in the day. POUPPEE FABRIKK also made the radical choice not to tamper with the quality of these tracks in order to preserve the original sound of these original recordings. All the dirt is still present! Bring back the ways of old!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Bring back the ways of old --
2 Bright light --
3 I am --
4 Invader 39 --
5 Death is natural --
6 Satans organism --
7 H8 U --
8 Stahlwerk --
9 The promulgation --
10 Symptom --
11 Radio disturbance --

Tracklisting CD2: Bonus

No. Track Time
1 [1987] Powerdrill (live / studio) --
2 [1988] Keine Zukunft --
3 [1988] Bright light --
4 [1988] Death and desire --
5 [1988] Radiation dance --
6 [1989] Invader 39 --
7 [1989] Jugend --
8 [1989] Satans organism --
9 [1989] G.H.C. --
10 [1989] Doom --
11 [1989] Shapeshifting --
12 [1989] The promulgation (live Jönköping) --
13 [1989] Enjoy your killing (live Växjö) --
14 [1990] Circumcision (live Jönköping) --
15 [1993] Weak men (EKM version) --
16 [1993] Joinas (epilogue) --

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