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Principe Valiente - In This Light (CD)

Principe Valiente - In This Light (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 03. Mai 2024

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"In this Light" signifies a bold evolution in the band's decade-plus journey. The 10 meticulously crafted songs unveil the signature ethereal soundscape and dark ambient allure - elements that originally catapulted them onto the alternative scene back in 2011 with the release of their self-titled debut album. Immerse yourself in a symphony of mellotrons, samplers, and analog synths, harmonizing with the celestial resonance of Jimmy Ottosson's Rickenbacker 12-string and Gretsch guitars, accompanied by the melodic piano, the distorted signature driving bass, all enveloped in the enigmatic vocals of singer Fernando Honorato.

The two singles "Something New" and "Inspired by Me" signalizes also the new path of the currently two-man band with a more poppier and direct approach - more than ever! “Something New” is one of 10 tracks of Principe Valiente’s signature ethereal sound design and alternative pop melodicism, driven by pianos, Mellotrons, analog synths, driving bass, and crystalline guitar textures. “In this Light” follows up on 2022’s “Barricades”, which marked Principe Valiente’s first release with Metropolis Records.

Principe Valiente is a Swedish band based in Stockholm. Their unique sound is the result of a variety of elements inspired by the minimalism of certain post-punk acts and the lushness of shoegazing, but their music has frequently been labelled "dark pop".


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Your only Enemy --
2 Silent Dreamer --
3 Inspired by Me --
4 Something New --
5 Self Control --
6 Abandoned Car --
7 Facing the Truth --
8 Hopeful Heart --
9 All I know --
10 Afraid to grow --

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