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The Psychic Force - Welcome To ScarCity / Limited Edition (2CD)

The Psychic Force - Welcome To ScarCity / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 20. January 2017

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To celebrate the band’s return in record stores, the album is also released as a limited deluxe carton box edition with a 12-track bonus CD offering an astounding EBM/dark elektro sonic extravaganza including an exclusive cover version of THE KLINIK’s classic “Someone Somewhere” hit as well as remix works from EISFABRIK, AD:KEY, READJUST, ACYLUM & many more.

German duo THE PSYCHIC FORCE earned a huge reputation in the early 90s in the dark elektro scene next to bands like YELWORC, AMGOD, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE and PLACEBO EFFECT but the project vanished at the turn of the millenium… In Summer 2015, the EBM/dark elektro veterans broke 20 years of extended silence with the successful club-EP “Relapse”!

With their new album, the PSYCHIC FORCE gang unites their old school EBM roots with their personal music spectrum evolution throughout the years, towards more modern and melodic forms of electronics.

The 13 songs bring us to dark oppressive cinematic industrial territories full of sample maniüulations, also haunted by true classic dark elektro tracks with powerful harsh vocals like the cold and engaged SUICIDE COMMANDOesque “Politics of Greed”, the anti-terrorism EBM assault “Blowback” and the unmatched revamped version of their club-hit “Twilight Zone MMXVI”. The German duo also sharpened the more melodic side of the band’s work by intelligently adding lighter passages to the album’s diversity where clearer vocals and more modern melodic synth lines get fused with their characteristic icy elektro sequences and ripping EBM basslines! THE PSYCHIC FORCE also add a touch of humour to the album with the intentionally cliché EBM track “Vater EBM” with German lyrics that will bring some fun moments to dancefloors and at their concerts, evoking some kind of harsher “DAF-like” version of AND ONE’s good old tongue-in-cheek “Techno Man” hit…

In short: “ScarCity” offers you a challenging mixture of icy EBM, harsh elektro and catchy synth melodies marking a solid return on the forefront of the dark EBM scene for THE PSYCHIC FORCE nicely rendered by the apocalyptic noir design of n0emi Aurora of Toxic Visions.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Welcome to ScarCity --
2 Twilight Zone MMXVI --
3 Politics of Greed --
4 Drive --
5 Accelerate --
6 Painful Revelation --
7 Neurotic (Relapse) --
8 Demons of Time --
9 Blowback --
10 Vater EBM --
11 BeDevil --
12 Teach Me --
13 Die in the Clinic --

Tracklisting CD2: "Starving in Plethora"

No. Track Time
1 Someone Somewhere --
2 Die in the Clinic (Eisfabrik rmx) --
3 Accelerate (Intent:Outtake rmx) --
4 Vater EBM (Ad:Key rmx) --
5 Drive (Take My Body Remix by Attacke) --
6 Die in the Clinic (Remix by RaHen) --
7 Politics of Greed (ReAdjust rmx) --
8 Politics of Greed (Acylum rmx) --
9 Vater EBM (Remix by Akalotz) --
10 Politics of Greed (Alphamay Remix) --
11 Vater EBM (D-F-O-W Remix) --
12 Drive (Follow Me into the Dark Mix by Silicon Avatar) --

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