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Ravenous - Forward To The Roots (CD)


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Released on: 29. October 2021

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This special mixture of their different musical socializations has now resulted in their 4th album: an exciting mix of new songs, unreleased tracks and rarities from the band archive, typical for Ravenous: In addition to the re-recording of the single "Frozen Tears" (originally planned for 2001 but never released), Ravenous present three completely new tracks with "Roots", "Here Again" and "Free Me", which are rounded off by the previously unreleased "If you believe it".

The focus for the band is clearly on the 4 new works: The driving beats, the typical melancholy and the unmistakable charismatic voice of Tim Fockenbrock. Equally interesting for the fans are certainly the treasures from the band's archive, ranging from unreleased versions of tracks from the 1996 debut (recorded by X-Marks the Pedwalk mastermind Andre Schmechta), to unreleased remixes, demos and rarities. All tracks have been carefully re-mastered by Gerrit Thomas.

With "Forward to the Roots" the past was not discarded, but hungrily and smackingly consumed, internalized and digested with head held high and looking forward to live hungrily into the future again. Coming full circle...

"Forward to the Roots" is, so to speak, a thank you to all the tireless souls who never believed in the demise of this band!


No. Track Time
1 Roots --
2 Here Again --
3 Frozen Tears (2021) --
4 Free Me --
5 If You Believe It (2002) --
6 Roots (Alternative Vocal Edit) --
7 Frozen Tears (2001) --
8 Violent World (Plain Real Remix 1996) --
9 Faster Than Time (Alternative Version 1996) --
10 Flesh and Bone (Alternative Version 1996) --
11 Silverray (Radio Edit 1999) --
12 Empire (Unreleased Version 1999) --
13 The Last (Demo 1999) --
14 Between The Worlds (Re/Work Remix 2000) --
15 My Name (The Dust of Basement Remix 2000) --
16 The Loop (2002) --

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