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Rebirth - The Worst Dream (CD)

Rebirth - The Worst Dream (CD)


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Released on: 26. January 2018

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An amazing novelty has come in the alternative technological music scene! The name Rebirth is destined to resonate for a long time in your memory. After two and a half years of trial-stage, the Swiss duo-act is ready to conquer dancefloors and fans, through a winning sonic formulation that perfectly combines Dark-electro, Industrial and EBM elements.

Bruno Ruch and Olivier Moser demonstrate evident and remarkable ability in creating atmospheres full of obscure tension, highlighted by abrasive vocals that spread angry lyrics, adorned with solemn synths extensions, transmissions of pulsing basslines and with a mechanical percussiveness that hypnotizes and seduce you instantly. The result is this debut-album entitled "The Worst Dream", in which predominates an aggressive sound system, geometrically rhythmed, wonderfully danceable, morbidly obsessive and saturated with electronic energy. The tracklist contains thirteen highly attractive songs, among which are also included two amazing remixes elaborated by Framework and by Leaether Strip. "The Worst Dream" will disturbs you slyly, taking possession of your subconscious, injecting virtually in your body high doses of danceability and infinite sensory pleasures. The overwhelming dynamism of this music will submerge you, satisfying all your desire to explore the disturbing and most gloomy recesses of the electro dimension. So dark, so magnificently Rebirth!


No. Track Time
1 Rebirth 01:52
2 Terrorvision 04:46
3 Pleasure Of The Flesh 04:33
4 Cry In The Dark 04:27
5 Darkness 05:06
6 Your Worst Dream 04:59
7 Teufelsweib 04:12
8 Good Sin 04:51
9 Unforgiven 05:09
10 Insane 04:49
11 Rise And Fall 05:56
12 Darkness (Framework remix) 04:34
13 Pleasure Of The Flesh (Leaether Strip remix) 05:33

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