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Sea Of Sin - The Remixes II (CD)


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Released on: 19. March 2021

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The year 2020 turned out to be a very tough year for musicians and artists worldwide. Frank and Klaus from German band Sea of Sin decided to make the best out of this difficult situation and released more music in 2020 than ever before. The focus was set on Single releases and accompanying Remix collaborations with well-known national and international artists and producers. This massive creative output will now be released as CD compilation “The Remixes II” as follow up to “The Remixes I” released in November 2019.

The CD consists of 17 tracks with a total running time of more than 75 minutes. Featured Remix artists are, among others: Mesh, Rob Dust, Blume, Man without Country, Nature of Wires and many more. Apart from the numerous great Remixes by other artists the CD also features the two Singles “Turn Back Time” and “Floating Ayway” that have not been released on CD so far – as well as a totally new Single Edit of the Song “Naked”.

Don’t hesitate and grab your copy of this limited edition CD!


No. Track Time
1 Naked (Single Edit) 03:48
2 Immaculate (Rob Dust Remix) 04:13
3 Immaculate (Man without Country Remix) 04:00
4 Immaculate (Nature of Wires Remix) 04:23
5 Turn Back Time (Single Edit) 04:06
6 Turn Back Time (Mesh Remix) 03:44
7 Turn Back Time (Covered in Snow Remix) 03:39
8 Floating Away (Radio Edit) ft. Andrew Montgomery 04:06
9 Floating Away (Paralyzed Remix) 04:36
10 Floating Away (Nite Remix) 03:40
11 Floating Away (Blume Remix) 04:12
12 Unspoken Words (Hanseatic Dark Mix) 04:13
13 Unspoken Words (Soni Code Remix) 05:54
14 Unspoken Words (Mindbeat Remix) 04:55
15 Unspoken Words (Rotoskop Remix) 06:43
16 Valentine (Crashed Wires Mix) 03:30
17 Unspoken Words (Promenade Cinema Remix) 05:17

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