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Retrogramme - Feed (2CD)

Retrogramme - Feed (2CD)


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Released on: 20. March 2015

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The Washington DC-based band Retrogramme possess the rare ability to surprise us. Always. Whenever they unleash their creativity we have to wait for a result far above our expectations. The antecedent album "For Our Dearly Departed" of 2012 is still considerated as an object of cult, but the new double full-length "Feed" promises to go further. The band's style is a unique, multiform and sophisticated blend of synthpop, IDM, and darkwave, created through asymmetrical or linear rhythms, alienating consonances and sound abstractions that make Retrogramme one of the most important institutions of their music genre.

The new title track enumerates twenty-four songs divided into two separate volumes: each of them is hyper saturated with original sonorities that will drag you into a vortex of dance. The elements to solicit your interest are all there: pulsing bass-lines of drum-programming, robotic or lithe musicality, fascinating and amazing vocalizations. Moreover, the second disk includes exclusively a fantastic series of remixes elaborated by Halo Effect, Framework, DrMOllE, Citizen 16, Bites, Echoknocks, PDR, Poject K-11, Deadliner, Atropine, TourdeForce and Red This Ever. We welcome with true excitement the new Retrogramme and their "Feed", an album that we can define by only one, specific adjective: great.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Feed (intro) 01:01
2 She Gives Me Nighmares 05:13
3 Thorns 05:27
4 Confidant 04:47
5 Saved 05:16
6 Psychosis 05:41
7 It's Time 04:30
8 Angel 04:40
9 Furthest Planet 02:50
10 Flesh Drive 05:08
11 Wars And Fear 05:04
12 Unsettled 05:35

Tracklisting CD2: Remixes

No. Track Time
1 Confidant (Framework Remix) 04:00
2 Thorns (Atropine Remix) 06:00
3 She Gives Me Nightmares (Stoneroom Mix by Project K11) 05:01
4 Saved (Bites Remix) 04:21
5 Furthest Planet (DrMOllE Remix) 04:38
6 Thorns (Red This Ever Fairy Mix) 05:41
7 Unsettled (Goddamn Italo Disco Mix by TourdeForce) 03:51
8 She Gives Me Nightmares (PDR Remix) 06:18
9 Saved (For Last Mix by Deadliner) 04:51
10 She Gives Me Nightmares (Echoknocks Remix) 05:08
11 Psychosis (Revolution Remix by Citizen 16) 05:42
12 Confidant (Enough Is Enough Mix by Halo Effect) 05:21

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