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5F-X - Robby Road (CD)

5F-X - Robby Road (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 05. Juli 2024

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In Hands Paper Pack

What a sighting – the alien unit 5F-X had left our galaxy in 2010, leaving scientists puzzled about its return. But here it is, with 12 all-new tracks, a 65-minute fusion of science fiction industrial, rhythmic intensity, and alienated sounds of various earthly and otherworldly sorts.

On "Robby Road", 5F-X seamlessly blends celestial rhythms, throbbing beats, and hypnotic grooves to craft a mesmerizing auditory experience. Each track is a sonic adventure, guiding listeners through intricate patterns of sound that echo across the void, propelled by hypnotic rhythms that evoke the rhythmic pulse of celestial machinery.

From the ethereal whispers of alien civilizations to the atmospheres of distant galaxies, this Album transports you to a realm where time is fluid and reality is shaped by the endless possibilities of the cosmos. Titles on "Robby Road" make reference to a plethora of very earthly pop cultural themes including Autechre, Douglas Adams, The Beatles, and Alien, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

With its eclectic approach, this album offers a diverse yet cohesive journey through the outer reaches of sound: So familiar, so unique. Take a stroll down Robby Road!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Fifth Bad Vible 04:34
2 Robby Road 04:14
3 Element 115 Battery Charger 04:28
4 There will be no Android Messiah 05:22
5 Boombox from Tattoine 04:32
6 Crop Circle Space Grafitti 05:36
7 Hitchhiker's Groove to Galaxy 06:26
8 Xenomorphs against Transhumanism 04:57
9 Watchdrone Rebellion 05:09
10 This UFO is Made from Scrap 04:52
11 The Night my favourite Alien died 05:11
12 Anthem of the Octopus Planet 05:40

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