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Rodney Cromwell - Age Of Anxiety (CD)

Rodney Cromwell - Age Of Anxiety (CD)


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Released on: 13. March 2015

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No. 1 of the Synthpop Album 2015 Charts on The Record Stache

"Sounds like liquid gold. Age of Anxiety has renewed my faith in the digital age of electro pop" Malcolm Holmes (OMD)

“Rodney Cromwell’s music belongs to the future. This quirky synth-pop is the sound of industrious robots and the modified toy orchestra hanging out at Argos, and songs like Barry was an Arms Dealer see Cromwell’s offbeat wit shine brightly” NME

“Rodders joyous debut album, ‘Age of Anxiety,’... choice cuts include the frantic mode Mode-like ‘One Two Seven’ the magnificent, early New Order-ish ‘Black Dog’ and the Kraftwerkian ‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer’, not that Dusseldorf’s finest ever had a song title that good” Electronic Sound Magazine

“A genuinely excellent album. It’s clever, it’s full of songs that instantly burrow into your head and, like all good pop albums, the majority of songs here could be singles in their own right” 8/10 XS Noize


No. Track Time
1 The Internationale 00:22
2 Cassiopeia 04:26
3 Barry Was An Arms Dealer 04:25
4 You Will Struggle 04:37
5 One Two Seven 03:56
6 Fax Message Breakup 03:32
7 Baby Robot 03:50
8 The Blue Cloud 03:41
9 Fenchurch Street 03:38
10 Black Dog 06:55

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