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Rome - Live in Kyiv 2023 (2CD)

Rome - Live in Kyiv 2023 (2CD)


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Released on: 06. October 2023

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Limited Edition of strictly 1.000 copies – Double-CD in 8-page Digipak!

In February 2023 ROME embarked on its most important, as well as easily its most dangerous live mission in its entire history. Exactly a year before, in February 2022, with Putin's henchmen already on Ukraine's doorstep, ROME's mastermind Jerome Reuter had ignored the travel warnings and played several solo appearances in Ukraine. He had also given his word to his ecstatic Kyiv fanbase that he would come back with the full band as soon as possible. This happened just mere days before Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine and a year after, with the war still raging, Reuter made good on his promise and played two shows in Ukraine, regardless of travel restrictions and regular missile attacks on the country's capital, making ROME the first foreign act to perform a full-length show in Ukraine during the war.

What happened that night in Kyiv will forever live on in the memory of everyone who attended. The energy in the room was beyond words in its mix of hope and grief, especially during the many moments the crowd sang along to Reuter's each and every word. Songs like "Who only Europe know", "One Lion’s Roar" and "Uropia o Morte", immortalized on this recording, took on a whole other meaning and amplitude when sung by members of a war-torn nation fighting for their lives. As one supporter put it: For the duration of the show, it felt like we had already won.

Trisol is proud to present this historical recording that captures a unique moment in the band's history - in Europe's history. ROME has since then released "Gates of Europe", its quintessential album based on the events of the war, and the band have given several other performances on Ukrainian soil in support of the country's troops and to help raise money for refugee shelters.

It is anyone's guess where this war is heading and when Ukraine will be victorious but the heroism of the Ukrainian people will never be forgotten.

To Life!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Like Lovers --
2 Celine in Jerusalem --
3 Die Nelke --
4 Sons of Aeeth --
5 Solar Caesar --
6 Neue Erinnerung --
7 Kali Yuga über alles --
8 No Second Troy --
9 The Brightest Sun --
10 Der Wolfsmantel --
11 Hearts Mend --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Families of Eden --
2 Ächtung, Baby! --
3 Going back to Kyiv --
4 Who only Europe know --
5 Uropia o Morte --
6 One Lion's Roar --
7 The Ballad of Mariupol --
8 Yellow and Blue --
9 One Fire --
10 Swords to Rust - Hearts to Dust --
11 Les Hirondelles --

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