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Scheuber - The Me I See (CD)

Scheuber - The Me I See (CD)


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Released on: 12. August 2016

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Love is the essence of a soul.

They are still out there somewhere: The true artists. These driven and dedicated individuals pouring their entire self into their music, laying bare their hearts no matter at what cost. For better or for worse and against all odds, these people hope for salvation. It may very well be that their number dwindles, that less and less artists truly connect their music with their soul. That is what makes the remaining ones so precious. So important.

One of those seeking salvation in his own music is Dirk Scheuber. Renowned, appreciated and loved around the globe for his work besides Peter Spilles in Dark Electro stronghold Project Pitchfork, the introvert, laid back and humble artist now reveals another facet of his craft. His album „The Me I See“ is an utterly intimate, vulnerable and decidedly personal insight into his deepest inner, into the fathomless ocean of his soul. A tour de force through his darkest depths and onwards to his shattered soul – to his cathedral, so to speak, where his demons hold court.

Gloomy and dark electronic music based on heartfelt emotions, that could be one way to describe „The Me I See“. A fragile man who has been at the bottom of the downward spiral. Frustrated, paralysed by addiction, fear and guilt, a prisoner in his own mind. That's what the music tells us in sombre and unsettling undertones, but that's also what comes across in the expressive photos. Yet, there is another side of Dirk Scheuber. A guy who rediscovered himself through music, who dragged himself out of this swamp of intoxicated depression. One who finally realised what it was that made life worth living. It may be a mundane insight. Yet, it saved him. From himself, from darkness. Love is what makes life worth living. Love for life, for other people, but also love for himself.

„The Me I See“ is Scheubers salvation. Is is his exit sign out of depression and his status quo. An album that wasn't even meant for the public, a profoundly private record solely destined to make peace with the world. It is rare luck that Dirk Scheuber decided to share this arousing snapshot with the world after all. Not only because it has been long since the world of dark music got to hear such an intense and intimate monument that feels strangely familiar and original at the same time. But also because Dirk Scheuber is a true genius painting grandiose portraits with his songs. Portraits that will, among countless others, impress every single Project Pitchfork out there and that showcase one fundamental fact: Great art like this is meant to be shared with the world. Because it is salubrious. Because other people can find the exact same thing Scheuber found in it: Catharsis.


No. Track Time
1 Everything --
2 Human --
3 Out Of Time --
4 Averell --
5 Chyta --
6 Space --
7 Godshape --
8 Methods --
9 Lovers Breath --
10 3rd Eye --
11 Let Go --

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