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Schnell und Langsam - CD1 (CD)

Schnell und Langsam - CD1 (CD)


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Released on: 15. July 2022

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RAZ 065 - Weight: 95g

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SCHNELL & LANGSAM - the name of this music project may be difficult to pronounce, but it is translated from German very simply: FAST & SLOW. Of course, the name of this project speaks for itself, and this band creates electronic music in the entire breadth of these ranges. But what is much more interesting is who are creators of this project : it is Sven Wolff and “Marshall” Patrick Thomas! Wow, is it really another side-project from the musicians of PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF (and also FREUNDE DER TECHNIK)? Yes exactly! Keep this name in mind, because the history of SCHNELL & LANGSAM is just beginning (which is clearly hinted by the name of the debut release - simply “CD1”).

SCHNELL & LANGSAM can be called a creative “re-thinking” of the early and original ideas of PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF, when this project recorded exclusively instrumental, mid/down tempo and ambient electronic music (similar like “Werkzeugbuch” or “Baustopp!” releases). Maybe that's why several classic P:W tracks were included in the track-list of “CD1” (“Ikarus”, “Aktivist”, etc.), which were reworked and re-edited for the musical concept of SCHNELL & LANGSAM. However, the main body of the album includes completely new electronic tracks in various genres: Instrumental, Synth, Minimal Electro, EBM, Ambient, Techno - melodic and rhythmic, energetic and melancholic. Shortly, "fast and slow" - as promised.

CD version of the release contains three additional bonus tracks and will be limited to 350 hand-numbered copies!


No. Track Time
1 127 (Aktivist) --
2 35 (Placard) --
3 94 (Algorithm) --
4 52 (Stechuhr) --
5 27 (Clockwork) --
6 107 (Ikarus) --
7 80 (Blechelf) --
8 66 (Tribient) --
9 49 (Boum) --
10 30 (Dust) --
11 102 (MIR) --
12 90 (Bordeaux) --

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