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Any Second - Sünde: Mensch (CD)

Any Second - Sünde: Mensch (CD)


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Released on: 27. July 2018

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Since their self-released album seven years ago, „Dein Schicksal“, Any Second are back to blast into the aggro-electro scene with their highly anticipated new album including 11 new, exploding hits that highlight the band's ferocity in SÜNDE: MENSCH = (SIN: MAN)

The trio bring you earthquaking dance beats that will send shivers through your entire body in this pounding compilation. In the first single, „Zorn", you will 'pray for absolution' with the piercing, gritty voice combined with a chilling tempo. „Fuck you“ ignites your senses in a flaring outbreak. Juxtaposing electro-pop beats with passionate, fierce vocals in „Sünde“, or in the shocking, theatrical, rhythmic drums in „Freakshow" to the climactic, the band will have you craving for more after every song. The electrifying keyboards of Thomas DosUnit, blended with the fiery voice of Jan Kluge in „Kontrollverlust“ and the anticipating rhythms and pitch black anthem in „Ashes“, take Any Second into a level all their own.

Any Second push the envelope, smashing the barriers of the aggrotech genre, with the mixing of Oliver Senger (Agonoize), merging unexpected tracks together. Standing out from the pack, with mind-blowing, throbbing beats, Any Second is set to go full speed ahead and re-enter the dark electro scene with a jolting strike. SÜNDE: MENSCH will also be released with a 10 track remix album.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Sturm --
2 Sünde --
3 Zorn --
4 Seelenhügel --
5 Niedergang --
6 Freakshow --
7 Kontrollverlust --
8 Schizophren --
9 Ashes --
10 Fuck You --
11 Schrei mich nicht an --

Tracklisting CD2: "Remix Album"

No. Track Time
1 Seelenhügel (SITD Remix) --
2 Schizophren (SCHIZO Remix by Cephalgy) --
3 Niedergang (Centhron Remix) --
4 Sünde (Trensity Remix) --
5 Seelenhügel (Mondträume Remix) --
6 Niedergang (Electronic Frequency Remix) --
7 Sünde (SynthAttack Remix) --
8 Zorn (Tanzresonanz Remix) --
9 Kontrollverlust (Pseudokrupp Project Remix) --
10 Sünde (Frontmix by Angriffspakt) --

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