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Severe Illusion - No More Alive Than You Deserve (CD)

Severe Illusion - No More Alive Than You Deserve (CD)


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Released on: 04. November 2011

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It's been almost five years in the making. Now it is finally being released. The new album 'No More Alive than you Deserve' from Swedish EBM veterans Severe Illusion will be out at the end of September.

For eleven long years, all the way back to the formation of the band, Severe Illusion have managed to stay clear of most, if not all, trends within the so called EBM scene. Neither have they fallen into the old school hard beat trap, nor have they joined the ever growing aggrotech faction. True to their attitude problems, the band has developed something that is as unique as it frightening.

The new album holds eleven tracks, and runs for almost a whole hour. It deals with subjects such as the perceived freedom of the individual, the failure of democracy, and the advantages of ignorance. It does not offer a solution.


No. Track Time
1 Mocking Bird --
2 Try Harder --
3 Clear Head (Album Version) --
4 To The Wall --
5 När Helvetet Kom Till Byn --
6 Inside Your Narrow Little World --
7 Them Unwitting --
8 Rotating Knives, Yes --
9 Cultural Identity --
10 And Them We Kill --
11 Dirt --

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