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Severe Illusion - Totalitarianism For A New Generation (CD)

Severe Illusion - Totalitarianism For A New Generation (CD)


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Released on: 02. February 2024

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After an entire decade, a new album from Severe Illusion is finally about to see the light of day through Advoxya Records. The band, consisting of Fredri Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad originally formed in 2000 and has since released five full lenght albums together and collaborated on a number of other projects as well.

On nine tracks of Weird School Dark Electro (WSDE), the album explores the transformation of western civilization into more and more totalitarian regimes while hiding behind the usual façade of democracy. All in the usual sarcastical manner the band is known for. The album going to be release on CD with beautiful artwork by Nullvoid. Best Severe Illusion album to date, old-school belgium electro-scene influenced (old Klinik, etc). Total blast from the past.

Excerpt from the review on I Die You Die web-portal: This more solemn, mournful expression of Severe Illusion’s core sounds and moods is unlikely to win over any hitherto unconverted listeners who haven’t been able to align with their earlier releases. Then again, that sort of dedication to a certain aesthetic impulse, regardless of the broader milieu, often goes unappreciated in its own time. But for the sort of person who might be discovering the band as the same sort of overlooked gem we took them for more than a decade ago, that approach will be a part of the allure that their style of cold EBM holds Uncut, uncompromising. Buy it.


No. Track Time
1 Acid Reign --
2 Nothing To Be Afraid Of --
3 The Wrong Way Home --
4 Dead World --
5 Died Suddenly --
6 Dysphoric Robot Malfunction --
7 Dead Monsters --
8 The Wrong Monster --
9 The Choice Of A New Generation --

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