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Sexblood - Intimidating Visions (CD)

Sexblood - Intimidating Visions (CD)


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Released on: 07. June 2024

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Second album after the acclaimed debut album ‘Teach me to cry’ from May 2022, that was followed by countless gigs in Europe and a minitour in the US.

Two years after "Teach me to Cry" [May 2022], their notable debut album, "Intimidating Visions" is the second album from the band SEXBLOOD. Resolutely gothic rock, we find this typical mid-80's sound with always omnipresent guitars. Sexblood's particular style asserts itself in compositions that fans of the genre will appreciate, from classic goth rock (Out of The dark, Time is running out) to more new-wave influenced tracks (The Cremo, Dark side of Paradise).

The lyrics remain very dark and pessimistic, talking about subjects such as the flames of the crematorium or the true story of the serial killer Harold Shipman (Dr Death). Before being recorded, a large part of these new songs have already been played live during the band's gigs in France, Germany and the USA. Note a special bonus track, sung in French (adapted from an old cruel nursery rhyme).


No. Track Time
1 I chose to live in Hate 03:15
2 Time is running out 03:18
3 The Meat Wagon 03:39
4 Out of the Dark 02:36
5 The Cremo 04:05
6 The Dust 04:05
7 Doctor DEATH 03:19
8 Intimidating Visions 04:09
9 Dark Side of Paradise 02:52
10 Walpurgis Night 04:19
11 Maudit Carillonneur 03:02

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