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Sexsomnia - Transcendent (CD)

Sexsomnia - Transcendent (CD)


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Released on: 01. March 2024

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In 3-panel Digipak. Genre: Dark Electro / Darkwave

SEXSOMNIA is a musical project from Montreal (Canada), founded in late October 2021 by Philip Faith (bass guitars, drum programming, keyboards, and vocals) and Pat Gaudette (bass guitars).

Sexsomnia is a complex sleep disorder which inspired multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer Philip Faith to create a musical project that combines electrobeats, analog synths, dreamlike soundscapes, female narrative voices and features two live bass guitars. Corrosive basses, pounding dance-floor beats, baritone guitar, melodious bass lines, and dark atmospheres are the ingredients for the project’s unique sound!

The band’s influences are wide spread but include The Cure, Giorgio Moroder, Propaganda, Trentemøller, Joy Division, Ladytron, Velvet Acid Christ and David Lynch Philip, who has worked with artists such as: Decoded Feedback, Edward Ka-Spel, Oneiroid Psychosis and Blind Agony, writes, programs and constructs the beats and soundscapes, forging SEXSOMNIA. Zoe Page, (International UK fetish actress and model), featured on various Videoclips of the band, lends her unique voice for the project in addition to her superb make-up and stylist skills for the videos. Various female guest vocalists are also featured on the musical project.


No. Track Time
1 Nigrum Viduam 04:33
2 Sexsomnia 03:18
3 Primal 04:28
4 Catharsis 04:33
5 Phobia 04:55
6 Paralysis 04:14
7 Trauma - Seizure Remix 03:41
8 Toxic 04:55
9 Morphine 04:13
10 Synapse (Oneiroid Psychosis Remix) 04:16

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