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A Sinister Light - Discerning Spirits [+ bonus] (CD)

A Sinister Light - Discerning Spirits [+ bonus] (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 10. Mai 2024

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8016670161400 - Gewicht: 75g

Verkaufsrang: 184 [ Höchste Platzierung: 172 ]

Genre: Post-Punk, Darkwave.

CD inside a 6-panel Digipak and including a CD-only Bonus-Track

Based in Switzerland, Fabrice Noir, the visionary behind “Cabaret Bizarre” - the legendary European dark cabaret show/club night, and renowned DJ Blake (celebrated for his monthly post-punk and new wave "Cloak and Dagger" nights), joined forces in 2020 to create A Sinister Light. Infused with darkwave, industrial, post-punk, and techno influences, ASL delves into dystopian narratives rooted in existentialism and nihilism, exploring metaphysical realms. Their music offers a cathartic journey into an enigmatic darkness, where genuine enlightenment emanates from within.

The album delves into compelling themes and societal concerns through pulsating synths, rhythms, and introspective lyrics - challenging societal norms and invites introspection into ù the complexities of existence.

Since its debut in March 2021, ASL's inaugural EP has swiftly captivated DJs and dark wave enthusiasts alike, and this album will further esablish this act in the scene!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Evilution --
2 Common Sense --
3 Don’t be a Stranger --
4 Illegal Truth --
5 Discern --
6 Too Cold --
7 Lukewarm Soul --
8 Eternal Death --
9 Bonus: NDE --

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