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S.K.E.T. - Empires Fall! (CD)

S.K.E.T. - Empires Fall! (CD)


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Released on: 05. July 2024

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In Hands Paper Pack.

S.K.E.T.’s long-awaited fifth release, just in time for the 20th anniversary celebration of their debut for HANDS. The duo is back and is here to stay - The dormant machine is awake again and well set to shake you along their explosive, powerful and ever so skillfully arranged beats. 70 mesmerizing and breathtaking minutes loaded with S.K.E.T.’s original and highly acclaimed sound, delivering a high-octane sonic experience that ignites passion and introspection.

With speaker-shaking intensity, the album builds suspense and urgency with every beat. Through meticulous layers of distortion and impeccable attention to detail, S.K.E.T. pushes the boundaries of auditory exploration, inviting you to join the revolution and unlock the power within.

"Empires Fall!" is not merely a soundtrack for agitation - it's a weapon of mass empowerment. With its fusion of visceral energy and thought-provoking depth, this album becomes a beacon of hope in dark times. Rise up, be heard, and join the revolution: Together, we will shake the foundations of tyranny and usher in a new era of freedom and justice!


No. Track Time
1 Conscience Speaking 04:53
2 Rise Resist! 04:09
3 We are Who We are 05:07
4 Call a Spy 04:40
5 Educate Agitate Insubordinate 04:24
6 Exploit 04:28
7 Individualism Plus Minus 04:51
8 Human Flesh – Adren0Chrome RMX 04:13
9 Antagonistic Contradiction 06:03
10 One Degree Celsius 04:16
11 Madness 2 The Method 05:45
12 Empires Fall! 05:08
13 Breathe Dust and Sand 04:29
14 Oppenheimers Dilemma 05:00

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