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Stendal Blast - Wir Ergeben Uns - Das Beste Zum Schluss (CD)

Stendal Blast - Wir Ergeben Uns - Das Beste Zum Schluss (CD)


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Released on: 27. March 2015

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Best of album.

It is not easy to get original albums of Stendal Blast. The debut album "Was verdorrt" from 1995 is almost completely sold out. The third album of the band, "Morgenrot", has become a sought pearl, for a lot money needs to be placed on the table. And the situation has not improved since the band, led by singer and songwriter Kaaja Hoyda, has completed the project in October 2013 after more than 20 years of creative time.

Stendal Blast released five studio albums in its history. With their songs, Stendal Blast became avantgarde musicians, who closed the gap between sophisticated textes and catchy compositions. And as already no longer reckoned in 2006 Stendal Blast gave with "Schmutzige Hände" a mature, musically and lyrically brilliant album to the fans. "Fährmann" became another big scene hit. And with melancholic songs like "Trümmer" and "Paradies" the musicians showed themselfes again as the vanguard who had no fear of risk.

At the end of the band Mr Hoyda and Mr Lottes have now selected the best songs of their work. The fans - and especially those that might be added in the next few years - to be a compendium given by the hand, showing the full range of the band. Hoyda has written to each piece a few words of explanation into the booklet - at the request of those who want to be absolutely sure of what he meant exactly.


No. Track Time
1 Nie mehr mit Dir schlafen („Was verdorrt“, 1995) --
2 In diesem Sinne („Was verdorrt“, 1995) --
3 Neuer Mensch („Was verdorrt“, 1995) --
4 Kurzer Aufenthalt („Alles Liebe“, 1998) --
5 Der spanische Mond („Alles Liebe“, 1998) --
6 Julia, Jolante und Marie („Morgenrot“, 2000) --
7 Wo führt das hin? („Morgenrot“, 2000) --
8 Im Morgenrot („Morgenrot“, 2000) --
9 Fette Beute („Fette Beute“, 2002) --
10 Nur ein Tag („Fette Beute“, 2002) --
11 Schmutzige Hände („Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --
12 Trümmer („Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --
13 Die Frau im roten Kleid („Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --
14 Fährmann („Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --
15 Paradies („Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --
16 Adieu(„Schmutzige Hände“, 2006) --

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