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Steve Roach - The Desert Winds Of Change (CD)

Steve Roach - The Desert Winds Of Change (CD)


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Released on: 02. February 2024

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After a year of non stop concert engagements, and a 12 month artist in residence invitation to create his Ambient Lounge series on a monthly basis at downtown Tucson's intimate Century Room performance space, The Desert Winds of Change emerged at the summit of this time. This piece is a sea change in the evolution Steve Roach's music that dramatically dissolves the lines between live and studio recordings.

The visceral energy present on this release is the culmination of the momentum that evolved over the 45 year of Roach's devotion to his vision of emotion infused electronic based music. Through the course of 2023 this monthly live testing ground Steve would feature artists from the US and Canada. Along with the featured artist solo sets each month Steve would present works in development and other new and current evolving pieces created only for or born that night.

"As the series evolved over the year it felt more like a home away from home in the live setting. For this concert I was relaxed and excited about performing and recording this new long form sequencer based piece that grew out of a new portable system I just built up for this direction in my music. The live in a studio like space is about riding the emotional waves of the sound-current with a great audience on board in a way only this setting can provide and inspire. "This was one those nights were I could the feel flow motion taking over in full effect. The other big piece here is Klaus Schulze. I was feeling his spirit all week before this night. I was tuning into all that his music brought to me in the early phase of self discovery and my emergence into creating electronic-synth based music. Those who know his early music will no doubt feel the inspiration. It's impossible to where know where I would be having not heard “Timewind” in the mid 70s. For this reason this piece is dedicated to the memory and the legacy of Klaus Schulze"

The Desert Winds of Change rides the thermal waves of hyper focused - in the moment spontaneous creation infused unbounded emotion, symmetry and grace.


No. Track Time
1 Desert Winds part 1 11:21
2 Desert Winds Part 2 29:34
3 Desert Winds Part 3 07:35
4 Desert Winds Part 4 06:40
5 Desert Winds Part 5 16:01

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