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Stray - Letting Go / Limited Edition (2CD)

Stray - Letting Go / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 04. May 2012

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882951713921 - Weight: 200g

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Letting Go" is a lot darker in content, confirming to us that STRAY was neither meant to be a 'light' project, nor was it meant to be 'happy' because Erica's main band UNTER NULL is actually quite angry and pissed off. STRAY kind of reflects the feelings of despair and sadness when that anger wears off. This album is actually a great departure from any of her previous works, it's a lot more polished and full of layered and lush-sounding tracks. Emotional piano tunes echo with melodic electronic sequences and get accelerated by pulsing beats and vibrating bass lines led by Erica's half-sung half-spoken poignant vocals. The material is melancholy, bittersweet, and a lot of yearning, needing, wanting, and desiring is involved. It's about feeling disconnected from the rest of the world, from society, from your peers, from your friends, your loved ones, and your family. A track like "Out of Place" kind of sums up that feeling quite well in so many words. Other tracks, such as "No Vacancy", "Let Me Go", are sincere with the idea of not understanding peoples' actions and words, and feeling frustrated without necessary closure.

The album is a deluxe 2CD carton box with a bonus disc including 3 exclusive bonus tracks and remixes by Marc Hurtado / SOL IXENT, KANT KINO, GRENDEL, IVARDENSPHERE, METROLAND, INTERFACE, AESTHETISCHE, KEEF BAKER, MARI CHROME, etc.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Surround Me to Passage D --
2 Remember Me --
3 Let Me Go --
4 The Failure Epiphany --
5 Out of Place --
6 No Vacancy --
7 Low And Lower --
8 31 and Falling --
9 All I Wanted --
10 Obsolete --
11 Miles From Here --

Tracklisting CD2: "Let Me Go"

No. Track Time
1 Deceiver of Hearts --
2 Remember Me (INTERFACE remix) --
3 Let Me Go (DISGUSTITRON remix) --
4 Remember Me (remember the METROLAND remix) --
5 Let Me Go (GRENDEL remix) --
6 Remember Me (AESTHETISCHE remix) --
7 No Vacancy (KANT KINO remix) --
8 Remember Me (quietly remix by I, PARASITE) --
9 Obsolete (iVardensphere remix) --
10 Remember Me (IMPAKT remix) --
11 Remember Me (metalized mix by MARI CHROME) --
12 Obsolete (KEEF BAKER remix) --
13 Miles From Here (Marc Hurtado / SOL IXENT remix) --
14 3 Degrees --
15 Destroy Me --

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